Destruction of Greystones North Beach Estuary

Please share via your social media and email your public reps to request the immediate removal of all obstructions and ask for the following to be implemented to create biosecurity by 2026.

  1. The removal of the weir on North Beach to allow uninhibited fish passage (in this case eel and small fish)
  2. The hiring of to rehabilitate both the three trout stream and the Coolagad -& Coolnaskeagh Stream
  3. A clear protocol for river management that allows for only trained personnel to enter and work in a biodiverse zone with any works signed off on by Lawpro, Heritage, Climate and Environment Officer
  4. The recognition of the Guardians of the Three Trout Stream charter and its enforcement in any future developments of The Three Trout Stream, its tributaries, and near environs.
  5. To ask all local councilors to sign the community petition for Biosecurity by 2026:

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